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Specialized Game Translation

Suzuki Translations provides localization services for games in the Japanese language and translation into Japanese for games in foreign languages.  

Before commencing any project, we thoroughly research the game to ensure we choose the best translator(s) for the job — paying close attention to the storyline of the game as a whole and the way each character is expressed in the translation we produce. 

Localization for game translation not only requires a good understanding of an individual game’s world-view and character settings, but also involves difficulties such as limitations on word counts and methods of expression, etc. 

At our company, most projects are carried out by translators whose mother language is the target language, which allows us to consider the storyline and the worldview, etc. of the work rather than simply replacing words with the same words in a foreign language.  We are also mindful of the need to deliver a good quality translation so that the players who read the translation can enjoy themselves and concentrate on playing the game. 

If customers need large volumes translated quickly, we can set up a project team composed of several translators with one main project manager in charge.  This allows information to be shared in a timely manner and translation work to be carried out within a cooperative framework to ensure fast delivery of consistent translations.


Track Record

While we can obviously handle the translation of games from other genres, our company is particularly skilled in translating the genres listed below:

  • Role-playing games (RPG)

  • Simulation games

  • Action games

  • Puzzle games

  • Strategy

  • Adventure



The Work Flow

Advance Meetings

We hold in-depth meetings with customers to check manuscripts and discuss the work process.
The items listed below are checked before work commences:

  • The game's world-view

  • Storyline (if any)

  • GDD including whether or not characters appear on screen and settings for each character (image, tone of voice, personal traits, linguistic inflections etc.)

  • Target (country, age group etc.)

  • File configuration

  • Player details (settings etc.)

  • Manuscript data

  • Screen shots within the game

Creative Translation & Re-writes
We carry out the translation work based on the inquiries we make, as well as the information and materials the customer provides, during advance meetings. 
If necessary we rewrite the dialog to expose the characters' charm and characteristics. 

Test Plays
We carry out test plays to check for mistakes/omissions in translated text; the position of line breaks; and the consistency of notations etc.


Submission of a Report on Bugs
We use a debugging tool to check for language-related bugs like the ones mentioned above and compile the results into a report that is submitted to the customer. 

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